Simple but Powerful

Even little web apps can give you useful information. On my website you might have noticed a Visits Counter. I made that running on AWS Lambda functions and AWS DynamoDB to keep score. Gathering information about your website should be easy and automatic.


Bring some dynamism your site and to your online prescence with the help of APIs. Here you can see my Twitter Display Name shows a live number of people who follow me. This is done by a small application running on Heroku that reads my account profile on Twitter and updates the Display Name throughout the day to keep the number fresh.


I can also work with other developers to make development and deployment an easy process. I offer AWS infrastructure services as well as CI/CD services using Github, NodeJS, and Jenkins. Let me help you focus on the code and leave the details to me.

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Backend Services

Not an exhaustive list, but a sampling of offers to add to your order


High quality websites with features and style.


Keep your data safe online at a low cost.


Real-time information about your web applications.


Safe guards to ensure your site is up and running.


Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment for your code. Take the headache out of going live.


Integrate your social media with your web prescence to extend your reach and contact opportunities.


Bring your site to life with flair and animation


Make it easy for your guests to contact you. Email, text or message.


Extend your sales and smooth out your sales process. Integrate from large online sales services to maximize speed and security.

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